Madeintdot logoGrowing up I thought I had magic powers – this explains why I love Harry Potter so much. My imagination was wild, I was crazy fun and I fell a few too many times.

Today, I have bruises on my knees that serve as bitter sweet reminders of my mischievous past. I still fall though but I have learnt to do it more gracefully. I love fashion, food, beer and Toronto.

Who is MadeinTdot?

Well, I’m glad you asked. I’m a colourful collage of old meets new. I like modern architecture but prefer vintage interiors. I have an obsession with period movies/shows, etc. so obviously I am a Downtown Abbey fanatic.

Zara is my go-to store and my closet is my happy place. I love to:

  • draw
  • write
  • play music really loud
  • discover new places
  • discover new drinks
  • discover new eats
  • discover new trends
  • discover new brands
  • play with my fat chihuahua :)

I have two degrees: a BA in Political Science and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Public Relations. I’ve done some pretty amazing things and been to some amazing places. Here are a few:

  • Public Relations in the entertainment industry
  • Government Relations in Toronto
  • Organic Search Engine Optimizing writing and content creation for clients in Toronto
  • Meeting top European Union officials during a European Union Study Tour upon graduation from university
  • Interning and living in Strasbourg, France. Working at the Council of Europe

Want to know me more? Follow me on

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Chictopia  and Lookbook

Want to get in touch? Have some tips or comments? Feel free to leave them here :)

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