How to Throw a Fabulous Brunch Party

Brunch. One word that awakens many feelings deep inside. Depending on which end of the spectrum you sit on, you’ll either hate this post or love it. Either way and when you’re hungry enough, brunch will seem like a fantastic idea and you’ll make it at whatever time you’re craving it. Much like Drake once said ‘thank me later’.


Common Deer

Established by two bothers and their friends in 2014, Common Deer uses classical instruments and modern riffs to create magical, heavenly music.

The band’s sound – in the song posted below reminds me of the XX – circa their first album.

Berlin: The Adventure of a Lifetime

I can honestly say I conquered Berlin but more importantly, Berlin conquered my heart. I am forever changed. There’s a certain feeling of belonging. People go to Berlin and fall madly in love with its’ welcoming arms. Much like a great lover, Berlin takes you into her arms and never lets go.