How you can save on your next flight

Have you looked into booking a flight recently? Ever wondered why that plane ticket is so expensive? The reasons are plenty but here are a few tips on how you can save on your next flight.

Why are plane tickets so expensive?

  • Fuel costs

You can’t control this factor. Fuel costs are constantly rising and carriers have to make up for it by charging us (the passengers) more.

  • Security costs

After the September 11th events, a lot of airports and airlines started to charge more due to increased security costs.

  • Airline mergers

Here is a fascinating fact you may not have known. Many airlines are now owned by the same people. Therefore, a monopoly is in place and less competition means the passengers (that would be us) are forced to pay certain prices for flights. Not a lot of options equals desperations which results in us paying the high price and flying.

well to be honest, the prices aren’t going to go down but you can get smarter with how you plan your trip and save a bit through doing that.

How can you save on your next flight?

Well the answer is easy.

  • When it comes to booking your plane ticket don’t waste any time. Work fast. Think ahead. Maybe even a month or two ahead. Booking your ticket early is the best way to save when it comes saving on plane tickets.
  • Be flexible with your dates

Think about flexibility when it comes to picking your dates. Don’t stick to a certain time span otherwise you’ll have to pay whatever they tell you to pay. Sometimes a lot of airlines have special deals for specific times of the year. Book those deals and take the time off later.

  • The time of the day factor

When it comes to saving on your next flight, try to avoid flying on Monday, Friday, or Sunday, flying mid-week, and take an early morning or really late flight.

Follow these simple steps the next time you feel like getting away and you’ll be sure to master the art of saving on your next flight in no time.


what are your thoughts on this?

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