Entertaining 101

Having friends over and entertaining  is always fun but playing host or hostess isn’t as easy as 1,2,3. Not to panic as there are a few tricks you can almost always rely on that will make everything amazing. Here are my entertaining 101 tips:

1) Buy flowers 


White roses are always a win

2) Make an assorted cheese plate


Bought this little cheese platter from Linen Chest and have never been happier 🙂 it’s magical 


Here are my beloved mice cheese picks… LOVE THEM – again purchased at Linen Chest – check this place out, it’s awesome

3) Sweets


Courtesy of St. Phillips Bakery – the best ❤

4) Crackers


I love me some Triscuit crackers– they’re yummy and flavoured- mmmmm

5) Bubbly 


For something cute and fun try Yellow Tail’s pink bubbles or you could buy Prosecco and mix it with a bit of Creme de Cassis 🙂 remember to drink responsibly

6) Playing cards and or board games

Recommended board games : Risk, Monopoly, Clue

Recommended card games: Kings, Cards Against Humanity, Bullshit

tada…in six easy steps you managed to master the art of hosting. Make sure you get some rest before the guests arrive because you’ll need it! Well as the french like to say “Bonne Chance!”


what are your thoughts on this?

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