Where are we going?


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The weather is  finally warming up and with it comes my favourite time of the year: mating season. Don’t get me wrong, we are not animals but much like animals Spring/Summer are a great time to date and get to know someone new slash potentially special.

If you have already gotten on the dating track and passed the 3 month mark, let me congratulate you. That is if you’re still dating this person.

The 3-month mark is an important one. If you’re a couple and you don’t necessarily celebrate the one-month intervals in your relationship, this one should be an exception. By this point you’ve probably passed the lust phase, met the friends and maybe even gone in a short weekend getaway together.

What happens next? How do you answer the big question: “where are we going”?

Here are some tell-tell signs to look for when it comes to defining  where you stand and where to go next with your blossoming relationship:

1) You cook for each other – forget dinner dates. Your evenings together now consist of either you or your lover cooking for one another. Enjoy the bonding experience and see if you can establish some ground rules for dividing work. Remember train’em at an early stage and you’ll be sitting back, reaping the benefits soon enough!

2) Netflixing becomes a thing – who needs another night at the movies when you can just cuddle and watch a Netflix show together? There’s tons of good shows to start watching with your honey so do a quick search, grab some popcorn and cuddle away!

3) Sex on the regular? Not necessary – remember the days when you’d rush over to each other’s homes and spend a whole afternoon laying in bed doing fun things? That’s not a given anymore. You can now actually spend some quality time with each other and not need to be on top of one another. Relax, your sex life is still great. It’s just the lust stage that’s over.

4) You’ve been introduced by his/her friends as the bf/gf – yep. It’s happened and you’ve felt the butterflies when you heard the words uttered out of their mouths and thanked the lord because the guessing game was finally over.

5) You’ve eaten embarrassingly comfortably around him/her – you know those dates where you have to order as much as a chicken would eat in a whole day and eaten properly? Kiss those dates goodbye. From now on you can stuff your face and not care about the consequences cause he or she doesn’t care. They’re doing the exact same thing on the other side of the table. Eat away!

6) Weekend hangouts and regular weekday plans are a given – No more stressing. You’re spending the weekend together and that’s that. Unless one of you is away that is. Your schedule has been re-organized and there’s magically a lot of room in it for your lover.

7) A potential scrapbook could be made – You’ve taken so many photos together that you could potentially start making a scrapbook for your anniversary.

8) The “L” word – Although I’m not a big fan of throwing the “L” word so quickly or easily, I have to admit the 3-month stage is a safe time to blurt out the word if the circumstances are right. Feel free to express your feelings and don’t worry about playing games anymore. That phase of your life can be kissed goodbye.

9) He/she cancels plans to spend time with you – He/she goes to the gym on Thursdays but you can only chill on that day so obviously your lover re-schedules gym time to be with you. Don’t be grateful, that’s how it should be but do realize that you’re now officially in a relationship.

10) Exclusivity – The most important factor of them all : the “are we exclusive” question has been addressed and you’re happy with the outcome. You can express your opinions freely and expect to have your views respected. You have a say and are a part of this person’s life now. Feel free to communicate openly and discuss any issues that you have.

The next exciting chapter in your love life? The creation of trust! Yes, trust is always necessary for any relationship to work out but once you’ve accepted that this is someone you’d like to spend time with on the regular, the next step is relaxing and enjoying the ride. Trust after the 3-month phase is about not wondering where you’re headed and knowing you’ve got someone who’ll do his/her best to be there for you.

Again, congratulations to you on passing the 3-month test and good luck with the rest of this fun journey. Remember to relax and enjoy every single second 🙂



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