Anthony Bourdain in Iran

Anthony Bourdain in Iran

**Note: For those of you interested in watching the ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ episode filmed in Iran, the episode is scheduled to air November 2, 2014


Friends, as an Iranian, I am not afraid to admit that opportunities for us to loudly and proudly discuss our ethnicity are few. We are a people who live in hypocrisy but there is one thing we’ll never do: we’ll never lose a chance to rebuild the country we will always know as ‘home’.
One of my all time favourite authors, hosts and idols Anthony Bourdain recently visited Iran and what he had to say about it brought tears to my eyes.
I live to see the day when Iran is celebrated for it is the jewel of the Middle East. Iran is a mysterious, historic and beautiful place that deserves more tourism.
Hopefully this CNN coverage will showcase Iranians, their food, culture and history a bit more fairly than what has been done in the past.
Here’s to a bright future for Iran….
cheers xx


4 thoughts on “Anthony Bourdain in Iran

  1. derekthezenchef says:

    You know, every Iranian I have met though my job has been smart, level-headed, likable, down-to-earth. The political dispute between the US and Iran belies many commonalities shared by citizens of both countries; culturally, we really need to get to know one another more genuinely! (Or at least Americans do.) All the best,

  2. layla says:

    Iran is the most advanced nation in the middle east and is present on every international stage: the Olympics, world cup, science and technology, film festivals like the Oscars and huge improvements in nano technology and major activities in space such as sending the first Iranian to space in 2019. It is important to be able to distinguish Iran from its neighbors and the Arab world. Unfortunately many Western countries are trying to make Iran look like Saudi Arabia or N.Korea while Iran critisizes both. VIVA IRAN!!!!

  3. fara says:

    don’t judge Iran based on the west countries media and politic. If you want to know the real Iran and Iranians, there is no way but going there; then you will be surprised. it’s a buried treasure.

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