Figs Breakfast: a love affair

FigOnce upon a time I partially resided in Corktown and every Sunday or Saturday frequented Figs. This wonderful and homey breakfast joint is inexpensive, good quality food that’s severely underrepresented in the breakfast/brunch world. Just a few blocks away from Le Petit Dejeuner, it’s no surprise that Figs isn’t very well known to non-locals. Truth be told, maybe that’s for the best. The atmosphere is so nice and friendly you honestly feel like you’ve stepped out of your bedroom and into your kitchen. Service is awesome, fast and the smiles are a-plenty!

Here’s why you should visit Figs at least once:

  1. The Menu – There is something for everyone on Figs’ menu. You can get anything from refillable coffee to fresh juice to a healthy breakfast or a greasy one! Whether you’re hung over, tired or just plain old hungry a meal at Figs is all you need to get back to your normal self and begin a great day!
  2. The atmosphere – As soon as you walk in you get treated like family. Plenty of seating means you’ll probably get service within 5 minutes. Servers are nice, knowledgeable and fast!
  3. The people – You’ll see a lot of hipsters and some old folks but all of them will most likely be locals and know the venue and people. You’ll notice the owner conversing with her regulars and know that you’re ‘home’.
  4. The neighbourhood – Corktown is an adorable neighbourhood. You can wander down the street and check out the design district or go up a little and enjoy the city!
  5. The food – There’s an awesome selection of pancakes, eggs benny varieties, sandwiches and burgers. Depending on what time it is you can order different things but they do offer all day breakfast 🙂

My favourite:

I’ll have to go with the California Eggs Benedict with Tomato and Avocado 🙂 it’s absolutely delicious! highly recommended to first time visitors as it’s yummy, filling and somewhat healthy!

Enjoy your visit folks!

Cheers xx



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