Online Dating: No, thanks!

tablet-online-dating-graphic-concept-illustration-design-over-white-32536809One app. A simple and fast download. A  bunch of swipes to the left and finally you’ve found a photo that’s not too horrendous. You swipe right. “It’s a match!” Moments later, a message awaits you. Someone, a stranger is asking you how your day is going. You respond. A few lines later, he/she is wondering why you’re on this site. You stop. Search your mind for a logical answer. The world is filled with people. You see handsome men and beautiful women everywhere. No rings on their fingers and no partners in sight. They’re sitting beside you in the coffee shop or walking past you in the grocery store. You never say a word to them there. You watch them go by and wonder if they’re single but not one of you makes a move. Later on that night, you log on to a site and swipe ridiculously – right, left, left, left, right, left – to what purpose, you still don’t know.

True love couldn’t possibly arise from a random swipe to the right. A few lines definitely can’t signify a ‘forever love’. The spark can not be felt while typing a message. You’re missing all the ingredients of a romance in this modern day ritual and yet, you’re so bored, you can’t help yourself from partaking in this act.

I’d like to tell the men who message me online to find me at my grocery store, approach me at the coffee shop, find me at an event i’ll be attending or stand outside my work place and offer to hold the door open before asking me out to coffee. I’d like to remind them of the importance of having a good story to tell because half the romance is in the story. People aren’t disposable, this isn’t an online store. Ecommerce should have nothing to do with love. I’d like to leave somethings to fate.

I deleted all my online dating accounts. Why? Because love to me is still sacred. I still believe in fairy tales. I want to believe that one day a man will grow some balls and ask me out in person.

I want to believe he exists. I want to believe he will put up with my crap and love me for who i am, refuse to walk away or give up and stick it out because our story will be – as Barney would say – legen-dary


what are your thoughts on this?

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