Everlasting love or short-lived lust?

There comes a point in your life when you’re expected to share ‘hot and steamy’ stories with your girl friends after you’ve all drank a little too much and if you fail to come up with a crazy story that’ll get them all hot and bothered, you get a look of pity no one should ever get.

In the pursuit of love, lust usually gets away with a lot of bs.

6317eee8-9b1c-2149-8580-2cbf5bff3901When you’re madly attracted to someone you agree to take a chance on all the things you know you should be wary of and dive deep into an ocean of uncertainty. Nothing is for sure, guaranteed or promised but the chemistry is so unreal you can’t help yourself. Time stops, you lose sight of your goals and ambitions and take the butterfly roller coaster ride. You’ve given consent and are aware of the long-term heartache effects this will have on you  later but you just can’t help yourself.

You may also be presented with a good-on-paper case in the meantime who offers you stability, the possibility of love down the road and even a future. Things can get complicated here because you’re so used to following the lust compass you’re not sure how to deal with something not as crazy or unstable.

The question becomes this then, should you follow lust to happiness or is a good-on-paper case the way to go? Can we have it all? Is it possible to lust after a good-on-paper prospect?

What are your thoughts?



what are your thoughts on this?

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