Finding Mr. Right – The Ready for a Relationship Guy

photo (2)It’s the ultimate quest and we were all born to take this journey. Finding Mr. Right – and yes it’s a proper name because he’s just that rare and special – can prove to be a tedious task indeed.

Once upon a time dating was about the fun, adventures, stories and even freebies – yep, we’ve all been there ladies. For me it was party invitations, new friends and the best booths at the newest clubs in town. Yes, I freely admit I had a boyfriend who served that purpose and I am forever grateful to him for the wonderful memories. He was not Mr. Right.

Then there was the best friend who captivated your imagination and took you on an unforgettable journey where you both left everything behind. The journey’s all that matters in these cases. Life is indeed not about the destination but rather about the trials you go through and how you make it out of them.

I never believed in marrying the first man I dated. If you’re marrying your first love, good for you! You’ve got way more courage than I’ll ever have. If I had married my first love we’d all be in a lot of trouble right about now. In fact, I doubt we would have made it this far!

Truth be told life – at least in my case – is divided into sections. A man for each phase served me well until now. Now I realize that the rest of my life requires a life-long partner to get through. Someone to build a life with, have children with and grow old beside.

For that, you can’t really have multiple partners. Well, you can but let’s not go there. Everyone typically dreams of having one partner forever and then things don’t work out and they resort to plan b – finding a secondary partner and on and on goes the search.

Baby steps! 

For some odd reason though, as of late, each time I meet a man I find them to be quite a different breed than what i’m used to. Let’s see. They’re honest, loyal, have goals, ambition and know what they want. I’m having a WTF moment 24/7. Is this what grown ups are like? Have I been dating children all this time? Has this city turned into a place where loneliness drives men towards commitment? Am I supposed to enjoy this experience? Why do I find this weird?

If you haven’t met these men let me tell you, you’ll be glad you did. It’ll be a shock at first but if you’re even slightly into them, they’ll treat you like a princess and do all the things you used to yell at your exes about.

Who is Mr. Right?

  • He’s been single for a while – Mr. Right has been waiting for you for quite sometime. Yes, he’s been single for a few years. He’s been dating but nothing has struck his interest and when you walk in to his life he’s completely ready!
  • He’s living on his own – This guy has his own place. No roommates, no living with the parents, no renting – well maybe he’s a renter – prices are pretty high these days. The point is he’s independent and therefore, you can easily fit into his perfectly neat life.
  • He’s got a decent job – He’s no douche. He knows what he wants and he’s after it. He works hard and loves what he does – remember ladies, this is important! If your man loves his work he’ll be a happier person. This may also make him a bit of a workaholic but hey, that’s life!
  • He has a plan – By this I mean he’s got a general idea of when he’d like to settle down. He’s not like one of those guys you used to date who’d say things like “let’s just see what the future brings. The future is so far away, let’s not worry about that now!” No, no…Mr.Right is on track and aware of the passing of time. He’s not afraid to use the following terms: babies, kids, marriage, wedding, your parents, my parents, my place, your place, our trip, our life, our future and of course WE.
  • He’s older – If he’s older that means he’s more experienced and probably more settled into his career. Men have a need to build their empire and while they’re young they’re too busy building it all up. If you walk into his life at a later stage in life he’ll probably have a stronger sense of himself and his goals. Therefore, more of his energy can be spent on making you happy 🙂
  • He’s in control – Mr. Right is in total control. He’s not insecure and doesn’t need to be told 24/7 that he’s special. He’s a catch and he knows it but he’s not even too egotistic about it.


Ladies, focus on finding Mr. Right and leave the children alone. Trust a girl who’s been there, done that.

Good luck on all your special journeys and please if you have any experiences you want to share, leave them in the comments section 🙂




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