A Blanc Affair: Diner en Blanc 2014

About two years ago I heard about this secret event called ‘Diner en Blanc’. I wasn’t sure what the event was, who attended it or how you got invited. I checked out their website and didn’t really find any useful information. The following year I saw a few Facebook friends post photos about it and decided to do further research. After asking around I found out that this secret pop-up picnic event originally started in France. A group of friends decided to have a picnic at a park and to make finding each other easier, they all promised to wear white.

Diner en Blanc happens all around the world and every year thousands of people attend the event in each city. Just imagine: a sea of white.

It doesn’t stop there. This is not just an ordinary picnic. Everyone wears white, brings their own chairs, table, stemware and flatware and comes ready to party. There’s food (you can bring your own 3-course meal or order it), dancing (there’s a DJ on-site) and booze (which you must order beforehand).

I was so curious, i signed up to be on their wait list for this year’s event. Well turns out last year’s event wasn’t all that great (it was held in a parking lot) and so the organizers changed. No one knew what to expect this year. All I knew was at some point I was going to get an email which would tell me I had made it onto the invitation list or not.

I waited patiently and when, on that beautiful fall day(the event was postponed this year), I finally received my invite, I could not contain my excitement. “I’m invited! I made it onto the list!” They can really make you feel exclusive and cool. Well it was time to shop. If you’re invited, you get to become a member which means you pay 5 dollars and can have access to their member forum where everyone shares their advice/tips. This was really helpful because everyone shared where they purchased their foldable chairs and table. I made a list and went off to Canadian Tire and Ikea. After purchasing those items, I had to get me a picnic basket. That was a little more tricky. Everything had to be white and I was pretty happy to already have white plates. That  basket can get REALLY heavy though.
photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)

I wore a white dress, put on a blazer (in case it would get chilly), grabbed a pair of beige open-toe platforms and bought a big white flower hair pin from Aldo.
photo 3
I was ready to meet my group at the Distillery District. You can either choose the walking/TTC option or the bus option.

Once you arrive at the secret venue everyone gathers in their assigned groups and walks over to their ‘spot’ together. Let the setting up begin:
photo 3 (1)
This year, the event took place at Ontario Place’s Echo Beach:
photo 2
Full with dj entertainment, sparklers, yummy dinner options, alcoholic beverages including: Prosecco, White and Red wine the night became unforgettable.

As someone who was on the wait list for nearly two years, i can honestly say: the wait was definitely worth it!

If you too are spontaneous, eager for an elegant night out and a pop-up picnic like no other, put yourself on the guest list for next years’ event because I’m already excited 🙂

Visit http://toronto.dinerenblanc.info for more details.

See you next year!
photo 1

photo 4


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