In Defense of Brunch

Lately brunch has been the topic of many discussions. To my disappointment, conversations around this meal have been negative with books such as ‘The  Trouble with Brunch’ being released. Recently, even my favourite radio station, Indie 88.1 wrote a blog post about why brunch is to be hated.



I have yet to read Mr. Shawn Micallef’s book but here’s a quick response to Indie 88.1’s latest post:

1) Line ups:

As a brunch lover and frequent ‘Bruncher’, I can admit that there are times when I wonder why we have to line up for food but here’s the thing. Not every brunch spot makes you line up. Yes, there are a select few spots that require lining up. If you don’t like lining up, why not try another place? Brunch is so popular nowadays there’s bound to another spot nearby with no line up! Why not try a more low key venue like say, Figs or Morning Glory Cafe?

2) Service:

I have yet to experience bad service at any of the places I’ve gone to for brunch. I honestly don’t know where you’ve been Mr. Matt Hart and would love to hear about it. Perhaps take that bad service experience up with the owner of said spot or better yet write a bad review of them on Yelp? For great service try Union 72, The George Street Diner or Coquine.

3) Eggs

Seriously? You don’t like eggs? First of all, why are you at brunch and second, have you looked at the waffle section of the menu? Plenty of the places mentioned above have other options than eggs, even though eggs are the standard brunch ingredient. Look over some of the menus listed below and thou shall be shocked!

4) Entitlement: 

People are probably hungover. Don’t be so ‘judgy’. It’s usually Sunday morning or Saturday and we all need our three cups of coffee before we’re in a good mood. The week’s been tough and all we want is to sit around, get some Mimos or better yet beer after our three cups of coffee. With that said, sounds to me like you’re experiencing Toronto  culture. We’re not a friendly bunch. You don’t see us walking around, smiling at each other. Why would we be nice at brunch? Totally irrelevant point.

If there are more reasons why you dislike brunch please mention them and i’ll be glad to defend brunch 🙂

Till then…



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