Pick of the Week: Bar Raval

Come for the creativity, stay for the food

Many have uttered the words: “Food is love” to one another as they served their latest ‘adventurous’ dish, drooled over the content and eagerly explained the recipe. I find this routine to be quite boring. Yes, we need food to live and yes your recipe seems easy to follow and the end product is edible but please spare me the chit chat and let me enjoy it.

Source: Toronto Life

“A Mature Snack Bar”

This, I’m afraid is about to change as Grant Van Gameren, Toronto’s celebrity chef and owner of Bar Isabel, is set to open yet another restaurant Torontonians can be grateful for. Bar Raval, the latest in Gameren’s culinary genius will be custom made,walk-in only joint. Inspired by the pinchos bars of Spain, this “mature snack bar”allows patrons to eat dinner, lunch, coffee, drinks and a not-so-typical brunch. The restaurant’s only been open for a few days but the reviews have been excellent. It seems, when it comes to Toronto’s stomach, Gameren can do no wrong.

A Barman

food_feature1 (1)

Barman Jenner Cormier mystifying us with his talents


I personally can’t wait to try this place out, preferably at a later time in the evening so I can eat like a Barcelona resident and drink the magnificent potions Jenner Cormier, Bar Raval’s resident barman,  magically creates.

As mentioned this is a walk-in type of restaurant only. For more information check out their Twitter and website.

Eat well…and drink even better…here’s Jenner Cormier’s tutorial for the ‘Jimmy Dean’:


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