The Best Winter Vacation Destinations to Keep You Warm

‘Tis the season to shovel, make a snowman, ski or my personal favourite, hibernate. Let’s face it we’re not all winter people and for that very reason, as soon as I see the first snowfall I start to panic and begin my summer countdown.

Though it may seem like forever away, summer is right around the corner but for the impatient ones:



Here are a few of the top winter getaway destinations to keep you warm on these cold winter nights:

 1.     Laguna Beach, California

This surfer’s dream destination has got a lot more to offer than what we may have learned on the MTV show, Laguna Beach.  Situated in the notorious Orange County, better known as where the rich and famous live, this beauty is best known for its mild year-round climate, scenic beaches and coves. Home to 20 of the most beautiful beaches in California, visitors can expect lots of beach activities, namely surfing and stand-up paddle boarding and skimboarding. With over 70 dining locations, Laguna is the best destination for foodies and fun-seekers alike.




 2.     Tulum, Mexico

Located only a one-hour drive south of Playa del Carmen, Tulum is the perfect combination of total relaxation, tranquility and seclusion. The Tulum ruins, found on the main highway as you head south, can be explored with an organized tour or alone.  Tourists can expect a trip filled with fun activities such as swimming with dolphins, ziplinin, snorkeling as well as adventurous fun such as visiting the world heritage site Sian Ka’an.





 3.     Puerto Rico

The U.S. commonwealth state, Puerto Rico is where 70% of the U.S.’s rum comes from. Visitors can experience a rich rum distillery tour as one of the fun activities while in Puerto Rico. Official languages of the state are English and Spanish with the dollar being the official currency of the island. Tourists can also enjoy off-roading,  Ziplining, ATVing or exploring the various caves.

A top travel choice, Costa Rica is home to the most beautiful waterfalls and forests for tourists who seek more than just a beach to lie on. With plants and animals everywhere, the Amazons and Marvels of Fire, Costa Rica is a unique destination. A paradise for divers and history buffs alike, Costa Rica has something to offer every kind of visitor. Surfing, water rafting, bird watching and learning about a rich indigenous history can fill your time when you’re tired of tanning.

 4.     Cayman Islands

The Caribbean jewel has great shopping, snorkeling, golfing, diving and a lively nightlife to offer its’ visitors. Attractions include: Pedro St. James – the oldest building in the island, Stingray City Aquarium – for those who love to pet stingrays, the Cayman Turtle Farm and a number of museums. The three islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman each offer tons to see.




5.     Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of Europe’s most breathtaking destinations, the Amalfi Coast stretches 50 kms along the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula. While there, you can visit the beautiful Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea, Amalfi’s cathedral or the Torre a Mare for some sight seeing. Water sports visitors can enjoy include diving and visitors can also take a day tour or enjoy the lovely beaches or some fine dining.



 6.     South Beach, Miami

The beautiful part of Miami is the beating heart of the city. Glittering with a lively nightlife, breathtaking hotels and gorgeous people, South Beach is a trendy place to be. Visitors of all ages can visit and enjoy the art deco designs, Oceanside dining or the beach. Roller blading, biking, tennis and golf can be some pass time activities to keep visitors busy while getting a tan.

 7.     Dominican Republic

If lying on a sand beach and having your favourite drink is how you envision your dream vacation, Dominican Republic is the place for you! Enjoy excursions, snorkeling, golfing, ATVing or cocoa picking while there. Every resort offers spa services, great casinos and a fun nightlife. Visitors can find everything from fun to relaxing activities while in the Dominican regardless of what city they choose to visit.

8.     Kauai, Hawai

From the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast to the vast chasms of Waimea Canyon, Kauai embraces the senses like no other destination. Explore the island via land, sea or air to experience settings you’ve only dreamed about. Discover 50-miles of heavenly beaches from Poipu Beach to Hanalei Bay. Explore charming and historic small towns like Hanapepe and Koloa where no building is taller than a coconut tree. With so much to experience, “Hawaii’s Island of Discovery,” is begging to be explored. Whether you’re planning a romantic escape for two or a fun-filled adventure for a group, Kauai has everything you need to have a great time.

Enjoy planning your next getaway!



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