Toronto Nail Salon Top Pick: An Afternoon at Her Majesty’s Pleasure

My coworker and I are always searching for great business ideas, often sharing ones we find appealing with one another in emails that read: “another great idea we didn’t come up with.” It was no surprise to her when I sent her a link of a new nail salon/beauty bar on King West that specializes in making you feel luxurious.

Who says you can’t sip on Champagne while getting your nails did. Or get your hair blown out while a cute Irish bartender asks you about your taste preferences and surprises you with a fancy cocktail?

her maj lifestyle-store-majesty2-0312

Source: Life Blush

photo (3) photo (4)

Expect the best at Her Majesty’s Pleasure and you shall not leave disappointed. The decor reminds of Colette. It’s a Parisian inspired bar you first walk into but soon you see past the glass doors into a nail salon. further in, a beauty bar awaits. Your hair and makeup can get done by stylists and all the while, you’re sitting back sipping a sweet or sour drink of your choice. Want wine or whiskey? That can be arranged. The Irish bartender promises not to disappoint and if you are unhappy with your surprise cocktail, he’ll take it back and bring you whatever else you want…but give him a chance.

Service is excellent. Everyone is friendly and prices are reasonable. Her Majesty’s Pleasure is King West’s newest go-to place. Take your boyfriend, mom or best friend or go alone.


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