Union Brunching

Upon careful examination of the city I currently reside in, Toronto, I came to the sudden realization that I have yet to discover the various parts of the city. In hopes of finding the small treasures hidden away in the most obscure places I began asking locals and came across a recommendation I couldn’t resist.

Located in the Ossington – Queen street area, Union is a tiny little place hidden away behind all the other cafes. Once inside you feel right at home in a cozy and softly lit space with a page long list of brunch options complete with alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. Don’t go asking the barista to make you a coffee unless you want to get a weird, confused and even dirty look! Instead opt for more familiar terms such as Espresso and Americano. I decided to give alcohol a go at 1 pm – it’s never too late for some caffeine but I needed a little boost – so Mimosa it was !


The menu was reader friendly written in a concise , space friendly way with tiny descriptions of what to expect and no fancy pictures. I decided to try the Lamb …. and I must say it was fabulous! not only was I impressed by the presentation and portion I was given but I was blown away by the taste…which is what counts the most. 2 pieces of excellent lamb – perfectly cooked – complete with eggs, pickles, veggies on the side and a tiny potato.


I do have to mention that the meal I ordered was one of the most expensive items on the menu at $ 16 and the mimosa came at about $ 9, an Americano is bound to cost you $ 3 but the water is free 🙂

Despite the rain I did manage to sneak into the wonderful patio they have behind the building and I must it is magnificent! Hidden under trees complete with stools, a long German style bench  and your regular patio tables and chairs the space is perfect for summer time fun!

Now about the rating scheme

I will rate the places I check out based on 3 important factors, keeping in mind a total score of 10:

space (ambiance, decor)

staff (waitress, barista)

food (quality, choices, price)

With that in mind Union  gets the following rating from yours truly:

space – 8/10 – mainly concerned about the coziness – getting to the washroom will be difficult when the place is packed but otherwise it is perfectly functional and not too bright for the hang over battling folks.

Staff – 6/10 – Our waitress was …alright…not great and not bad. She didn’t recommend any specific items but did seat us quite quickly – it must also be mentioned that the place wasn’t too packed considering the rainy weather. Once the bill came the waitress seemed a tad confused about the math of dividing the cost between 3 people – not too bright I suppose or maybe she was tired from the night before.

food – 9/10 – I’m going to be biased here – my meal was awesome and my friends loved theirs…although I must admit a friend of mine who happened to be a boy mentioned afterwards that he was still hungry – now I’m not sure if he just loves to eat a lot or if the portions are too small for guys …I’ll let other boys check this place out and judge for themselves.

In conclusion Union  is a place that deserves to be more known among us Torontonians and the address is simple 72 Ossington !

If anyone else has been here please feel free to share your experience or if you have recommendations for more brunch places do drop me a line 🙂

Till next time,



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